Sunday 9 October 2011

A Different Lullaby

I sat before you humble in tears
I begged you to release my fears
But you stood as stiff as a cast
Now you've withered, collapsed
On the steps of your elusiveness

Come, come, my time is near,
I hear you say
But your eyes don't see me
And your heart has gone astray
That's what you get for my lost years!

Hear me, hear me, I watch you say,
I hereby announce my love is for sale,
To the highest bidder, the winner
Look around you, I say, look and see
Only flies and roaches can hear!

They say your tears were mixed with rain
Circling the streets, going everywhere
Instead of you, I see the ghost of a man
Who wasn't true to himself, or his word
That's what you get for cowardice, I hear!

When you came back, I wasn't here
Even when you were gone, I was sincere
The tale ends with you and I
Together singing a lullaby
The story of you and me...

We were never meant to be.

-Marwa Ayad


Thomma Lyn said...

I absolutely love this poem. Poignant and heart-tugging and beautifully composed, like a song.

When you get a chance, drop by my blog! I have some exciting news. :)

Sending love and xoxoxoxo!

Marwa Ayad said...

Awwww, thank you, sweetheart. Your words always mean a lot to me. Checking your blog right away.

Lots of love to you, darling! xoxoxox


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