Friday 18 June 2010

"Lost" Thoughts on "Lost Finale"

**Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the Lost finale yet*

So, "Lost" ended; and life is still going on. Seriously, as a huge LOST fan, I was disappointed in the Lost finale. The finale that was supposed to answer questions and mysteries that have lasted for years, not create more of them. The finale that was supposed to make much sense, not more non-sense. The finale that was supposed to leave me breathless, wanting for more with "Ahhh's" and "Oh, I see's!" at least every once in a while.

What happened is that I was let down. and I got the feeling that the writers were in a rush to cook things up on the island...and also explain the alternate-life theory which has so engaged me for a whole season...even more than what was going on in the island. Because their alternate lives were supposed to make sense and would have given all viewers a satisfying and hopeful ending at least...rather to find out it's their post-death (or life) meeting place where they're all supposed to gather in Purgatory and be greeted by Christian Shephard and his again-empty coffin. It doesn't explain the kills, chases, bruises that Jack kept finding on his body. I was so absorbed in their alternate find out they're dead!


Now that I think of it, it seems like the worst episode of the entire series!

There could have been a more believable explanation for the characters' alternate realities. Why not go with the idea that detonating the hydrogen bomb did in fact create another time thread or alternate reality as they had us believe in the opening of Season 6? And why would Miles hear Juliet say "It worked"while standing near her grave...and now we know it didn't?

Would have made much more sense that way and would have been more intriguing!

With that said: Lost will be dearly missed. I don't think any TV show will ever come close to Lost even with all its plot "holes". No more Jack, Desmund or Sawyer. Life can be hard.

Oh Lost!


Jason McIntyre said...

Yeah, I've spent the last couple of months coming to terms with the finale. I was a massive fan of the show and just *knew* the end wouldn't live up to my hopes and dreams for it.

In the end, I didn't *hate* the finale, but you're right in that it wasn't anywhere near what it should have been. Watching it for six years, I was satisfied with really exceptional story-telling, so much that I didn't need the answers and truly believed they would all be forthcoming. When they didn't appear in the final season, I didn't expect them all to show up in one neat package during the finale. I guess, in that way, I set myself up to accept the disappointment rather gracefully.

That said, what could possibly take its place as appointment television? Mad Men and Breaking Bad are very good buy they are both very open-ended types of stories that we don't expect to necessarily wrap up in any discernible way.

I guess I'll just wait and see...

Marwa Ayad said...

J: Thanks for posting a comment. I'm glad we both have the same view point about "Lost". I haven't come in terms with the finale yet. Not sure if I will any time soon. I told a friend of mine before that I would post my own finale of "Lost" as it should have been.

I didn't expect all the answers either; at least some "valid" explanations.

I haven't watched anything since "Lost". *sigh*


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