Saturday 1 August 2009

Vote for THE YEARS OF SILENCE as 'Best Book of the Week' at LASR!

Great news and an awesome review!

My novel is nominated for 'Best Book of the Week' at Long and Short Reviews; please go NOW to and vote for my novel THE YEARS OF SILENCE as Best Book of the Week (click on the link in the poll)! Please tell your friends to do the same, too. Voting ends tomorrow so hurry up! :)

Long and Short Reviews gave my novel THE YEARS OF SILENCE a five out of five book rating (which according to their rating system means my book is superb!) and an awesome review!

THE YEARS OF SILENCE captivates you from the start with its tragic loss and history of violence.... Author Marwa Ayad’s writing is beautiful and her voice is so stunningly real I was certain I was reading the excerpts of a painfully recorded diary. Those who are not familiar with Middle Eastern women or society will be both fascinated and enlightened. She is a promising new author that writes with humility and honor. One can almost feel her taking her first steps out into the world with her arms wrapped gingerly around her “voice”-- a voice I have fallen for. I highly recommend this novel to readers of all genres, and for any ages. -- Long and Short Reviews

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