Sunday 28 June 2009

How to Promote Your Book For Free

How to Promote Your Book For Free
by Marwa Ayad

Ever since I published my debut novel The Years of Silence which is currently a national bestseller, I’ve been spending more time online doing my homework. I had to learn the many ways and techniques authors use to promote their book(s). Here are the top tips from the trade:

• You should have your own website! After all, when people google your name, and find a website instead of a bunch of links to different websites or blog posts about you that can surely help with the sales of your book. You can tell the world about you (where you grew up, why you write, your favorite movies...). You can also post a sample chapter from your book, reviews, and upcoming events.

• Blogging is also a way of being more recognized, especially if you’re an active blogger and post comments on other popular blogs.

• Websites that allow you to list your books for free.

• Facebook is surprisingly as I’ve recently learned an amazing marketing tool, especially if you create a public page or group for your book. Posting on similar groups lets others know about your book. Also, your profile starts attracting more friend requests (because you’re an author), and you can invite anyone to your group. It’s working for me.

• Book signings and seminars can boost your sales. Just make sure you have enough publicity at least a couple of weeks before your events. Post it on Facebook, other social networking sites, your website, blog, and anything else you can. Also, connections in this area can greatly help.

• Radio talk shows can do wonders. Imagine talking about your book on the radio.

• Getting reviews is also a guaranteed way of marketing your book (given that they’re good, not bad!)

• Well-written press releases

• Writing articles that relate to your book, with unique, high-quality content

• Free copies of your book to media organizations, so they can review or feature it in their publications (newspapers, magazines or newsletters)

• Promotional materials as brochures, flyers and bookmarks which you can give out at your book signings to your audience. You can also give them to bookstores to spread the word about your book.

• Setup Google Alerts for your name, your book title...etc. By following these alerts you can jump into the online conversation in a timely way.

• How about creating a competition on your website with copies of your book as prizes?

• Networking with other writers and people in the publishing business definitely has its many benefits, too.
Got any other tips? :)


Thomma Lyn said...

Fabulous post on promotion, sweetie! I agree on all counts -- great tips. I would add: Twitter (it seems to help increase traffic to my blog) and Goodreads (a great place to network not only with other writers but with readers, too).

(((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))) to you! Hope all is well!

Marwa Ayad said...

Yes, indeed, I get many hits from Twitter and Goodreads. :)



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